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Privacy Policy

indoorsolutions.ro records your personal data only for the purpose of the commercial act and for customer identification. These data are secure and will not be used in advertising companies except our newsletter if you have expressed your wish to receive it. The data will not be transferred to third parties or used for purposes other than the above. You have the right to consult at any time the data stored on the site, accessible in the dedicated section of the account.


Through the indoorsolutions.ro platform you can order products made available in the categories of doors, interior doors, services, etc. They can sometimes be modified ( packing, color packing, etc.) without implying the obligation of the trader upon prior notification. We are constantly trying to update our database with all the details.

The ordered products will be ready for delivery and dispatched as soon as possible. Any delays due to the trader will be notified. The trader is not responsible for delays due to the courier or the fault of third parties.


Products ordered through the site will be paid by the payment methods made available. In case of payment of the courier refund, please specify the possibility of checking the products at the reception as well as the possible problems.


The products delivered by courier will be delivered to him in perfect condition, packed properly. If the products are damaged or defective as a result of the shipment, contact the courier.

Return Policy

Products can only be returned under integrity and sealed! We do not accept return for products tested, sold, etc. Please check the integrity of the package at the courier reception. In case of damaged goods during transport, please contact the courier.

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