Interior door model - STIL - a door variant for a medium budget and high quality. Doors in the STIL range are known as frame and panel doors.

Frame and panel doors represent a perfect combination of a door leaf made of horizontal sleepers and panels, combined with quality matt glass. A unique design is achieved by using cross-sectional elements of different dimensions of glass pieces and wooden parts covered with high quality PVC foil.

At this type of door there is less chance of slipping of the pieces, due to the fact that the horizontal sleepers and the frame are fastened with screws directly from the factory and are not bonded.

It is very important that each part of the door is individually covered with foil. There are no joints, they have no edges like  other types of doors.

Among the advantages of this door model we can say that it does not eliminate odors during use, it is very robust, resistant to weathering, high humidity and mildew, and does not delay the competitive price.


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